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Cloud-Ready Cyber Security and Continuous Monitoring for Hybrid Networks

Secure Your Hybrid Agency Networks with Confidence

Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offers tremendous benefits, including scalability, flexibility, and the promise of high-performance infrastructure—but securing your hybrid network and systems is a lot more complex than traditional tools and workflows are designed to handle. In their 2019 Cloud Security Survey, the SANS Institute found that over 50 percent of respondents had realized a major security concern due to configuration errors and a general inability to adapt security processes to the cloud.

It's time to replace conflicting datasets, visibility gaps, and cumbersome workflows with a holistic and cloud-ready approach to cyber security operations. Unlike legacy security providers that stretch on-premise solutions to the cloud without addressing these differences, ExtraHop Reveal(x) integrates with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure to deliver comprehensive visibility, threat detection, and intelligent response for the hybrid agency networks and IT systems.

Complete Visibility

Reveal(x) provides deep and continuous visibility from the inside out. With auto-discovery, classification, and mapping of assets across hybrid agency infrastructures, Reveal(x) helps cyber teams protect on-premises, cloud, and multicloud environments.

Real-Time Detection

Reveal(x) enables security analysts to recognize complex threats across hybrid and multicloud environments with full SSL/TLS decryption and advanced analytics-powered detections. Reveal(x) detects such threats as ransomware, privilege escalation, and other Command and Control (C2) activities, and it identifies behaviors that indicate misconfiguration, unauthorized access, and insecure APIs.

Intelligent Response

Reveal(x) empowers cyber teams to take a nuanced approach to incident response in hybrid environments. Guided investigative workflows enable threat hunters and analysts to pivot from detection to forensic-level evidence in seconds. Integrations with Splunk, CrowdStrike, Phantom, Palo Alto Networks, Tanium combine a 360-degree view from on-prem and cloud inputs allowing your agency to take action on threats as soon as they're detected.


Take a Cloud-Native Approach to Cybersecurity

With inside-the-perimeter threat detection, investigation, and response across all cloud-based workloads as well as on-premises infrastructure from a unified management pane, Reveal(x) is the ideal solution for hybrid architectures. Whether your agency operates in AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure, Reveal(x) has a solution designed to help protect your assets wherever they live.

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