Strengthening Identity Infrastructure Through Visibility & Vigilance

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Maintaining a strong identity infrastructure has long been an essential role of IT. As environments become dispersed and business functions digitized, however, it's no longer essential, but critical, to establish enforceable identity policies while still delivering dynamic services to users.

This simply isn't possible without a complete, top-down view of your entire IT environment.

In this white paper, we offer clear, prescriptive guidance on the ways a robust monitoring solution, such as ExtraHop, can help you build an identity framework flexible enough to meet the latest business requirements, and strong enough to meet evolving security concerns.

Understand the challenges, and learn how real-time visibility allows you to:

  • Establish baselines for identifying anomalous, possibly malicious behavior
  • Gain insights into every layer of your identity solution (Kerberos, LDAP, DNS, and more)
  • Break down silos to analyze and correlate behavior across all systems
  • Trace down incidents to the source in a matter of clicks, not hours.
  • Build self-healing into your environment with our Open Data Stream capabilities and community-sourced integrations.
  • Prove your organization's security posture through detailed forensics and reporting

The ability to see and make sense of everything happening in your environment is key to any effective security solution. Fill out the form to read the full white paper and start building the identity infrastructure your business demands.