ITOA Survey Results

Learn how your peers are tackling IT Operations Analytics.

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A single data source or tool will never provide enough visibility to understand the big picture of what's happening in your IT environment. As IT complexity rises, you need to integrate data from different sources—including wire, machine, agent, and probe. And you need a way to correlate the data from those sources in a way that leads to insights you can act on in order to:

  • Stop blamestorming sessions while triaging and troubleshooting faster
  • Avoid downtime, overprovisioning, and unnecessary expenditures
  • Make data-driven decisions to drive IT optimization and revenue

Learn From Data-Driven, Thought-Leading Orgs

We partnered with industry-research firm TechValidate to survey 88 end-users from 65 organizations. They shared some great insights, including:

  • Which aspects of ITOA are most important to them right now
  • Which data sources they use to achieve IT visibility
  • Their timeline for integrating data sources in the future
  • Which source of data provides the most impactful insights for their business

How does your organization stack up? Download the ebook and find out.