10 Ways Wire Data Helps Conquer IT Complexity

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This white paper from Slashdot Media explains the need for IT operational intelligence. That is, the ability to see and know everything that is happening in your IT environment right now, at any moment.

Wire data is the key to real-time IT operational intelligence, but has historically been untapped. With new robust wire data analysis platforms, IT teams can better manage complexity.

Written in characteristic Slashdot style, 10 Ways Wire Data Can Help You Conquer IT Complexity lists ten unique things that you can do with wire data, including:

  • Automatically detect problems across the entire IT environment
  • Select unique pieces of transaction payloads to send to Splunk
  • Spot data theft by flagging queries from untrusted sources
  • Monitor database query performance without profilers
  • Catch DNS lookup failures that can torpedo login times