SANS 2019 Threat Hunting Survey

The Differing Needs of New and Experienced Hunters

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"We encourage anyone running a threat hunting team to start implementing change as soon as possible to ensure that your teams can keep pace with the ever-changing attack vectors and advances by adversaries."

SANS 2019 Threat Hunting Survey

The 2019 SANS Threat Hunting Survey gathered current industry data from 575 respondents working in the threat hunting field.

This year's 18-page report aims to help organizations understand what threat hunting is, why it is essential to proactively seek out attackers, and how novice and experienced hunters can improve their processes. You'll learn:

  • How the most effective threat hunters generate hypotheses and use data to confirm them
  • Where gaps in detection tend to exist
  • Threat hunter profiles and methodologies

And much more. Download your PDF copy of the report to get started!