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For many businesses, moving to Microsoft Office 365 can reduce the overhead and administrative burden on IT Operations teams. Yet these benefits come at a cost: a loss of visibility into the business-critical services users rely on. In this white paper, we explore how IT Ops teams can expedite data visualization, analysis, and insights for Office 365 with ExtraHop.

  • Getting to the root of SaaS application performance issues starts with key indicators:
  • What's impacting throughput and how much traffic is dedicated to a given service?
  • How is traffic performing, is there significant latency, and is communication breaking down?
  • Is the issue affecting all users or just a subset?

ExtraHop shines a spotlight on the SaaS traffic traversing your network by utilizing the service URLs and IP Address Ranges published by the vendor and performing real user monitoring based on wire data. ExtraHop then generates objective, real-time insights into what's working or failing in your network—and what's working or likely failing in your software vendor's network.