ICD-10 Conversion Readiness Guide

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Anxious about ICD-10? We've built the ultimate platform to help you be certain that every single ICD-coded message has been swapped from ICD-9 to ICD-10 on October 1st.

Download the guide now to learn how to ensure (with an all-in-one appliance; not teams of auditors!) that October 1st is just another day in the office. Don't put all of your work at risk or deal with rejected insurance claims, downgraded performance, or regulatory headaches.

With the ExtraHop ICD-10 Readiness Guide, you'll learn:

  • Why traditional methods of auditing and testing ICD-10 preparedness are costly, slow, and often just "best guesses"
  • How failure to prepare for the October 1st deadline could lead to significant financial costs
  • How ExtraHop's real-time, vendor-agnostic approach to ICD-10 readiness can save you money and provide peace of mind

Going beyond ICD-10 readiness, ExtraHop also offers real-time HL7 analytics so you can track countless metrics affecting patient experience and outcomes, including the following:

  • Patient admits and releases correlated with other demographic data
  • Prescriptions and drug administration to ensure proper use
  • Response times to high-priority HL7 messages

Download your free copy of the ICD-10 Readiness Guide and learn how to get faster, easier, and better ICD-10 readiness testing and auditing capabilities, as well as wire data insights to improve your facility's performance across the board.