The Fast-Evolving State of Security Analytics

Rapid advances in analytics and machine learning are quickly changing the security landscape

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"Advanced analytics using machine learning, especially for detection, have been lacking in the world of enterprise security until the past few years, when organizations realized their security systems were struggling, if not failing, to stop the onslaught of breaches."*

While advanced analytics have been incorporated into fraud detection applications since the early 90s, the security methods used to detect attacks and protect an organization's assets have been slow to evolve.

Over the past few years, however, as rule- and signature-based prevention systems struggled to detect or stop most breaches, the industry has seen an increase toward integrating advanced analytics into security infrastructures.

In this report, Gartner examines the current state of the security solution market and the factors leading to the growing demand for security analytics. In addition, the report outlines appropriate usage for security analytics, vendor assessment, staffing models, and the limitations of the technology to detect socially engineered attacks and other intelligent threats.

As organizations continue to be challenged to protect their assets and information, it's more important than ever that security vendors keep up with advancements in analytics. Those that do will command the most market share.

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*Avivah Litan, Toby Bussa, Eric Ahlm, "The Fast-Evolving State of Security Analytics," August 9, 2017