Gartner: Align Net Ops and Sec Ops

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We're all familiar with the phrase "united we stand, divided we fall", yet putting it into practice is far easier said than done. This holds true even within IT teams. Case in point: NetOps and SecOps. While both teams share a common goal that is growing increasingly critical–maintaining secure, high-performance network infrastructures–historical divisions often lead to unnecessary inefficiencies.

"NetOps and SecOps teams often duplicate effort and waste money, because of tools that share many of the same instrumentation points and some of the same use cases — specifically those for network traffic analytics and network automation."*

We believe this Gartner report "Align NetOps and SecOps Tool Objectives With Shared Use Cases", makes a strong case for both teams leveraging shared tools and data to optimize budgets, avoid overlap, and better serve the end-user. By breaking down alignment into 4 levels–awareness, coordination, shared instrumentation, shared tools–this report offers a clear path forward for an otherwise thorny collaboration.

Happy reading!

*Gartner "Align NetOps and SecOps Tool Objectives With Shared Use Cases", Sanjit Ganguli, Lawrence Orans, 22 September 2017.