Gartner Report: 5 Questions That CISOs Must Answer Before Adopting Artificial Intelligence

How to weigh the potential benefits and risks of machine learning

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The more advanced artificial intelligence becomes, the more compelling machine learning solutions are for security and IT leaders—and the more critical it is that you know what to ask in order to vet potential vendors and determine the most effective solution for your particular needs.

By reading this report, we feel you'll learn what Gartner recommends for Security and Risk Management leaders and Chief Information Security Officers when it comes to investigating AI for their enterprises, including:

  • How to identify AI evaluation metrics according to your desired outcome
  • What you should ask security vendors about AI
  • How to navigate popular AI buzzwords in the market

View the report for these insights and more!

D'Hoinne, Jeremy, McMillan, Rob, and Olyaei, Sam. "5 Questions That CISOs Must Answer Before Adopting Artificial Intelligence," August 29, 2018