What challenges Network Operations faces today, why machine learning changes the game, and what that means for the future of the IT Industry

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The EMA Innovator Awards recognize innovative, game changing concepts that provide solutions to pressing problems in the IT industry. This report highlights why ExtraHop Addy took home the gold for uniquely addressing several of the leading challenges facing enterprise network managers today.

According to EMA's research, network operations are understaffed, underbudgeted and overworked. 71% of a network manager's time is spent on troubleshooting—both proactively preventing problems, and reactively fighting fires. This leaves little time to work on projects that could make the network more efficient or improve future performance.

There are already network monitoring tools that reveal network health and performance, but don't yet have the capacity to answer deeper questions about the root cause of network issues. Addy, a machine learning service for wire data, learns the normal behavior of devices, networks, and applications in order to detect and surface anomalies. Addy provides actionable insights based on network traffic in real time.

The future of network analytics is to empower human network operators. Always on and always learning, Addy is the eyes and ears for IT.

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