Enterprise IT Monitoring Buyers Guide

A Buyer's Guide for Real-time IT Visibility Monitoring Solutions

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With IT capabilities extending everywhere—and evolving rapidly—it is increasingly critical for organizations to deploy a monitoring solution that provides comprehensive visibility and provides rapid, simple access to insights based on reliable data. But in a market flush with hype, how can you be sure that solution will continue to meet the ever-changing demands placed on IT?

As part of our commitment to radical transparency in the IT marketplace, we asked Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to create a framework to help you evaluate and rationalize the myriad choices on the market, so you can hold vendors to their claims and be sure you're choosing the monitoring solution that meets your needs best. This buyer's guide shows how to investigate products and get answers to the questions that matter most, including:

  • How simple is deployment and configuration for the platform in question?
  • Is it dependable, adaptable, and fluid enough to keep pace with evolving IT demands?
  • Does it allow you to quickly identify and resolve issues?
  • Is the platform backed by a dependable support structure?
  • Will it be useful to other groups across the organization?

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