Seattle Children's Hospital and Real-Time Healthcare Systems

See how Seattle Children's Hospital is leveraging wire data analytics to get deep visibility into their VDI environment, as well as their entire network, database, and storage infrastructure. You'll also see real-world examples of how thought-leading IT organizations are managing new projects like VDI and mobility, while keeping everything else running smoothly.

During the webinar you'll learn the five ways ExtraHop empowers IT:

  1. Better Management of Desktop and Application Virtualization
  2. Greater Accountability for Third-Party Applications
  3. Detailed Visibility Across Distributed Facilities
  4. Insight to Support Legacy System Maintenance and Decommissioning
  5. Simplified Audits and Reduced Data Leakage

Tim Holt -Director of Enterprise Applications, Seattle Children's Hospital
Bruce Fulton – Sr. Systems Software Engineer, Seattle Children's Hospital
John Smith – Solutions Architect, ExtraHop (formerly of McKesson)

The ExtraHop platform automatically adapts to changes in the application environment and builds continually updated performance baselines so that IT teams have the information they need to configure settings, tune performance, plan capacity, and right-size their IT infrastructure. This webinar with ExtraHop customer Seattle Children's Hospital explains how real-time visibility helps healthcare IT teams increase the efficiency and performance of complex, dynamic application environments.