Increase IoT Visibility to Boost Security and Optimize Performance

The Internet of Things has already had a transformative impact on consumers' lives, but its impact on businesses is going to be even more massive. At the rate we're going, 13 billion more connected devices will come online in the next four years, and many of them will have no built-in security measures and little to no possibility of instrumentation for logging.

That. Is. Terrifying. And as we saw recently, unsecured IoT devices can be hijacked en masse to do things know...take down the internet for a day.

The only way to keep a handle on this huge security challenge is with real-time network monitoring. Watch our new webinar to learn:

  • How stream analytics and wire data bring the visibility you need to IoT implementations
  • Why logs and synthetic monitoring just won't cut it for security and performance in IoT
  • How personal smart gadgets, healthcare machinery, and more are threatened when they become connected, and how to curb the threat.

IoT is going to be great, but the security challenges can't be ignored. Watch this webinar to learn how security needs will change as IoT scales, and why stream analytics and wire data are the only way to maintain the visibility you need.