As a Citrix administrator you're highly skilled and your time is at a premium. It's important to be able to focus on work that moves the needle, and avoid wasted work.

This webinar will discuss how to automate routine tasks, monitoring workflows, and even Citrix troubleshooting with the combination of ExtraHop stream analytics and Octoblu automation. Citrix CTP alum John Smith will discuss the details of integrations that could make any Citrix admin's life easier, such as:

  1. Learn to Automate a workflow to monitor whether Citrix launch times are staying within an SLA, and sending email and Slack warnings if performance goes outside the SLA's bounds.
  2. Automatically restarting a server when it falls below certain performance thresholds, as detected in real-time by ExtraHop.
  3. And more...

Watch the webinar now to learn more about how Octoblu and ExtraHop's open platforms can integrate to provide powerful, convenient workflow automation and free up your time to work on more interesting challenges!