EMA Report: TLS 1.3 Adoption in the Enterprise

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EMA on TLS 1.3 Adoption: "There is no going back."

New research from EMA shows security operations teams are worried about the impact that perfect forward secrecy will have on their ability to detect and investigate threats. Encryption is on the rise inside the datacenter and inside the enterprise network, and the investments made in the SOC right now around encryption and decryption will impact the team's effectiveness enormously in the next 1-3 years. In this report you'll learn:

  • The top concerns enterprise SOCs have about the impact of encryption on their visibility and analysis capabilities
  • What encryption standards are in use for data in flight by other businesses, from SMBs to very large enterprises
  • What technologies your peers are using to decrypt traffic for security analysis ...and many more insights about how enterprises are preparing for the looming challenge of 100% encryption

Author: Paula Musich, Research Director, EMA

Paula brings over 30 years of experience covering the IT security and networking technology markets. She has been an IT security analyst for over nine years, most recently as a research director at NSS Labs, and earlier as principal analyst for enterprise security for Current Analysis.

Paula Musich, Research Director, EMA