Why Wire Data?

Short answer: Wire data is the richest source of instant, accurate insight for IT.


The 2-Minute Technical Primer

All data travels on the network, from user behavior to malware. Wire data is the result of continuously reassembling all those gigabytes of data into full transactions, flows, and sessions—the only way to see and analyze everything communicating on your network in real time.

Watch the video for a little more detail and a lot more aesthetic appeal, or take a technical dive into exactly how it works!

Visibility at Scale


The digital infrastructure is growing at a massive rate. Because every application, system, and device communicates on the network, wire data analytics is the most cost-effective and efficient way to keep eyes on the entire infrastructure at scale.

Empirical Data


Wire data is clean, consistent, and empirical. You cannot hide from, modify, or turn off wire data; if it happens on the network, wire data will capture every transaction detail without modifying your environment in any way.

Time to Insight


Because stream processing happens in real time, wire data allows you to access deep metrics in as many seconds as it takes to click a dashboard: all the rich context of packets, none of the time spent waiting and manually sifting through data.

More Data Doesn't Mean More Work

At least, it doesn't when you start with analytics and make the packets optional. Wire data paired with stream processing gives you analytics first, then allows you to explore specific packets at your leisure. Not only can you instantly share insights with other teams, you can investigate an incident down to the transaction level in less than a minute.

Stream processing means analytics first.

Why Now?

These paradigm shifts are coming. Either you act before they hit, or you fall behind.

Interconnected Everything

Interconnected Everything

Underlying performance issues are no longer easily tracked to one distinct IT function. Teams must come together, both culturally and technologically, and learn to manage the entire application lifecycle from development to production. Wire data is the only source of analytics capable of providing insight to every function of every tier in real time.

Digital Experience is everything

Digital Experience Takes All

IT is no longer just the backbone of the business; it's the face as well. Whether you sell software or live music, healthcare or legal aid, your business demands a flawless digital experience for users now accustomed to pocket-sized computers and instant satisfaction. Real-time analysis of wire data is the only way to capture every angle of that experience so nothing falls through the cracks.

Security by everyone for everyone

Security by Everyone

From ransomware to DDoS attacks, threats have multiplied to the point where we can no longer pretend perimeter defenses are enough. Dedicated security teams aren't going anywhere, but gone are the days where security isn't your job: whatever chunk of IT you're responsible for, you need to know when those assets are behaving strangely on the network. There's no faster way to detect anomalies than real-time analytics with wire data.