Advanced Payload Analysis

Advanced payload analysis in the ExtraHop platform analyzes structured transactional data passed over HTTP, including REST, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript, SOAP/XML, and HTML5. With advanced payload analysis, IT teams in a range of industries use the ExtraHop platform to analyze real-time performance metrics for internal and external web services and API calls. The advanced payload analysis also enables IT teams to monitor end-user experience metrics related to web form submissions and web page user names.

ExtraHop offers a better alternative to traditional API monitors.

A Better Web Services and API Monitor

Increasingly, business applications rely on APIs for revenue-generating applications. One online travel company estimates that API calls to their affiliate network represent more than U.S.$2 billion in annual revenue. In addition, many companies are contractually responsible to business partners for the performance and availability of their APIs.

The ExtraHop platform enables IT organizations to non-intrusively monitor the performance of all inbound and outbound web services and APIs without relying on agents, probes, synthetic transactions, or other invasive instrumentation. Also, in contrast to niche API monitors and web services monitoring tools, the ExtraHop platform provides correlated performance metrics for the network, web, database, and storage tiers so IT teams can quickly remediate performance problems.

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