Forensic Investigation

Real-time threat and anomaly detection. Extended lookback. Problem to insight in 5 clicks or less.

Meet the fastest forensic investigation in the west: Take analytics-first packet capture at line rates, add machine-backed threat and anomaly detection, and throw in BYO storage that saves you up to 50 percent on packet storage for extended lookback.

That's how the ExtraHop platform transforms the network from basic transport into the richest source of real-time security and operational insight. ExtraHop Trace breaks investigation into three simple steps:

Trace and Computer


Monitor Everything in Real Time

Gain a comprehensive, global, and real-time view of all network behavior including application payloads, device transactions, and encrypted traffic.


Auto-Detect Anomalous Behavior

Machine learning surfaces performance anomalies and suspicious traffic patterns, complete with precise metrics and packets. You'll also have an indexed, searchable view of every transaction.


Trace Down the Details

Drill down to, or begin with, individual metrics, users, devices, or packets associated with a transaction. Extended lookback means you can search for transactions weeks or months in the past as easily as those happening right now.

See the Workflow in Action

Watch this short video to see exactly how ExtraHop Trace takes the process of finding the packets you need from an hours-long ordeal to a few clicks.


Better Workflow, Faster Response, Stronger Security

ExtraHop Trace stores packets at up to 100 Gbps of sustained throughput. External storage units can add up to 312 TB of packets for the most affordable extended lookback on the market. This is your data. We just help you use it:

Proactive Threat Response

Detect suspicious behavior in real time, and locate compromised systems and threat vectors before they turn into major problems.

Rapid Service Restoration

When you're just five clicks away from the individual metrics, users, devices, or packets that are causing trouble, restoring service before it dings customer experience gets a lot faster.

Optimal End User Experience

Ensure that your systems are always operating, as they should to avoid incidents where customers notice degradation before you do.

Align IT and Business

Use the data flowing through your network to strengthen and differentiate your core business opening up new paths to revenue.

Trace Illustration

[ExtraHop] changes the game for IT performance monitoring of the digital infrastructure, flipping the traditional workflow on its head to create a more scalable, agile model.

Steven Kornfeld VP of Corporate Alliances, Presidio

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