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Microsegmentation Service

Plan, operationalize, and manage microsegmentation projects and ensure ongoing compliance with vendor-agnostic visibility across all connected systems.

Microsegmentation is an increasingly important part of IT strategy as organizations look to isolate and segment applications and devices to improve security posture. But segmentation is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Differences in technology, regulation and compliance requirements, operational practices, data sensitivity, risk tolerance, and even geography can dramatically affect segmentation strategy and implementation.

Leveraging the automatic device discovery, classification, and mapping capabilities of the ExtraHop platform, our Solutions Architects work with your team to develop and implement a customized segmentation strategy uniquely suited to the needs of your business. Our vendor-agnostic approach allows us to track down every single network connected asset providing a comprehensive view of its communications and behavioral patterns, service dependences and its security risk profile.

Microsegmentation in Healthcare

Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) face some of the most complex microsegmentation challenges of any industry. Not only must these organizations manage numerous interdependent applications, they must also manage a large number of connected devices outside the datacenter from infusion pumps to MRI machines. Many of these network-connected medical devices lack basic security, and the vendors that make these devices often don't provide updates to the operating systems that would enable security enhancements. To further compound the security challenge, many HDOs lack a complete inventory of these devices.

With ExtraHop, leading HDOs are no longer in the dark when it comes to connected devices. The ExtraHop platform passively observes all communications on the network to deliver a complete inventory of these assets and their interdependencies. The ExtraHop Solutions Architecture team uses this visibility to build out a detailed segmentation plan that isolates unsecured devices to their own networks, providing critical security for other applications and helping these organization ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Unlike large consultancies who must track down every single device vendor and apply static rules to track device activity, the vendor-agnostic approach delivered by ExtraHop is simple, efficient, and accurate.

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ExtraHop consultants were extremely skilled with the product and provided guidance for the design, implementation, use case scenarios, and hands-on training.

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