Business Automation & Transformation services provide integration, migration and enterprise adoption programs to help create a center of excellence where integration with SIEMs and other enterprise systems create automated response and decisive behavior, and use of ExtraHop Reveal(x) becomes pervasive across all SOCs, IT Ops, devOps, business units and data centers.

Automate incident response through integration

Our integration services enable Reveal(x) customers to achieve rapid response, isolation, containment, and remediation of threats through integration with SIEM, orchestration, firewall, ticketing, and other system platforms.

Using the Reveal(x) ODI/API tool set, we are able to integrate to Splunk, Palo Alto, ServiceNow, and almost any system that is compliant.

Perform zero defect migrations

ExtraHop migration experts leverage accurate and unbiased insight from the Reveal(x) platform to deliver a seamless cloud or datacenter migration that ensures continuous performance and availability.

Our experts map your entire infrastructure to discover all assets and map dependencies, while categorizing shared services like DNS and Active Directory. Based on this comprehensive, up-to-the-minute understanding of your environment, we build a complete migration plan including move groups and migration order.

Expand Reveal(x) adoption

ExtraHop Accelerate is a program that helps you expand Reveal(x) adoption across the enterprise. With widespread engagement and increase in usage, the advantages of Reveal(x) can now benefit and transform the entire business.

Collaboration between IT Ops, security, cloud and network teams becomes seamless as they all share a common platform. Redundant tools can now be consolidated, reducing costs and complexity. And risk management becomes embedded in the organization's culture, providing confidence in the face of uncertain times.

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[ExtraHop] has become our de facto tool... it's the first place we look, immediately.

Ben Budge, Systems Administrator
Litehouse Foods