Network Traffic Analysis for the Enterprise

Simple Subscriptions Suited For Any Security Program

Whether you're fighting on the front lines to build out a security program or your organization has a dedicated Security Operations team led by an elite squad of threat hunters, ExtraHop Reveal(x) is purpose-built to suit the needs of any security team, with any size environment and any number of critical assets that need to be secured.


Ideal for SecOps teams with a modest security program and incident response

  • Features
  • Full-Stream Analysis
  • Security Anomaly Detection
  • 40+ Enterprise Protocols
  • Global Index and Search


For mature programs with integrated platforms (SIEM) and the need to analyze encrypted data

  • Features
  • All Standard Features +
  • Unprecedented Network Visibility
  • Decryption
  • Integration with Orchestration, Automation and other platforms


For sophisticated, proactive programs with forensic and compliance requirements

  • Features
  • All Premium Features +
  • Full Packet Capture