HTTP Monitoring

The ExtraHop HTTP Module provides IT teams the visibility needed to troubleshoot, tune, and proactively manage the performance of web servers, application servers, and load balancers. IT teams can use the ExtraHop HTTP Module to monitor end-user experience for both mobile and traditional web applications in real time.

As web-based applications grow in scale, troubleshooting and tuning their performance has become more urgent—and more challenging. Traditional approaches to managing web application performance rely on profilers, agents, or other host-based instrumentation to collect performance data. This type of monitoring requires hands-on management, consumes system resources, and may not offer the visibility needed to diagnose problems depending on how the instrumentation is configured.

Oftentimes, IT teams lack the deep visibility into the impact of network performance on HTTP requests and responses. While traditional web performance monitoring solutions may provide some network visibility through external service checks or synthetic transactions, the visibility is limited to the front-end and cannot isolate the root cause of intermittent problems.

HTTP graphic

Manage Web Application Performance Without Instrumentation

The ExtraHop HTTP Module, included with all ExtraHop platforms, provides real-time L7 analysis for HTTP transactions without any instrumentation or webserver plugins. Analyzing all HTTP transactions on the wire, the ExtraHop HTTP Module records detailed performance and health metrics by client IP, method, host, and URI. The ExtraHop HTTP Module supports advanced HTTP behaviors that confuse many other tools, such as request pipelining, early responses, and NAT proxies. This passive approach makes the ExtraHop HTTP Module suitable for applications written in .NET, Java (J2EE), Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby.

In addition, the ExtraHop platform enables IT teams to measure and compare in detail the impact of network performance and application performance on HTTP transactions. The ExtraHop platform provides real-time performance metrics for all tiers of the application, including network, web, database, and storage.

Equipped with the ExtraHop HTTP Module, IT teams can proactively manage web application performance:

  • Monitor real user transactions in real time—with up to a sustained 20Gbps throughput
  • Gain a continuously updated baseline performance profile of a website
  • Set trend-based and threshold-based alerts for HTTP 400 and HTTP 500 errors
  • Locate slow-performing areas of the website by analyzing page processing time for specific URIs
  • Drill down from aggregate metrics to device-specific metrics, including errors and response times
  • Compare network and application performance for HTTP transactions
  • Segment performance metrics for client device types with Application Inspection Triggers
  • Isolate slow performing components within the web application infrastructure.
Track transaction performance with statistical summaries for median, maximum, upper quartile, minimum, and lower quartile.
The ExtraHop system calculates statistical summaries for transaction metrics, including median, maximum, upper quartile, minimum, and lower quartile.