iSCSI Monitoring: Performance Analytics

Today's most critical IT systems—including multi-terabyte transactional databases, virtualized server clusters, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)—are extremely sensitive to storage performance. With the advent of 10GbE, more enterprises are dramatically lowering costs and improving manageability by choosing iSCSI SANs over traditional Fibre Channel SANs.

Tune and Troubleshoot iSCSI SAN Performance

The ExtraHop iSCSI Module is part of a holistic IT operational intelligence platform that empowers IT organizations to monitor iSCSI performance in real time, analyzing all transactions coming in and out of the iSCSI SAN. Equally accessible to both storage teams and other IT Operations groups, such as server virtualization teams, the ExtraHop platform provides detailed iSCSI transaction metrics alongside a broader, cross-tier view of application performance that includes the network, web, and database tiers. This comprehensive visibility enables IT teams to more effectively make capacity and iSCSI performance tuning decisions, identify storage performance bottlenecks, and triage general application performance problems. Read more about the ExtraHop platform for storage performance tuning and troubleshooting.

Monitor iSCSI Performance in Real Time

While most APM products do not distinguish storage latency from overall server processing time, the ExtraHop platform provides discrete iSCSI performance metrics that enable IT teams to more easily tune and troubleshoot iSCSI SAN performance. The ExtraHop iSCSI Module analyzes every iSCSI transaction in real time to extract application-level metrics including initiators, responses, errors, sessions, reads, writes, and header and data digest statistics. Additionally, the ExtraHop iSCSI Module tracks iSCSI OpCodes and rejects and logins.

  • Monitor SAN storage latency for every transaction in real time, receiving proactive early-warning alerts for anomalous performance behavior
  • Avoid expensive hardware upgrades by optimizing and tuning iSCSI SAN performance
  • Justify infrastructure upgrades by comparing before and after performance baselines
  • Identify storage performance bottlenecks, such as poorly timed network backups or disk I/O contention among virtual machines
  • Troubleshoot storage-related problems in virtualized environments with a correlated, cross-tier view of application performance that measures deterministic response times for every application tier