Sybase IQ Monitoring and Tuning

Sybase IQ is a leading data warehouse solution and was positioned as a Leader in the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse DBMS. The Sybase IQ 15.4 release notably includes support for MapReduce and Hadoop, and builds on proprietary PlexQ technology to expand business intelligence and analytics to more diverse groups of users.

Traditional database monitoring tools that use host-based instrumentation do not scale to support Sybase IQ data warehouse deployments. In most cases, database administrators cannot run profilers on data warehouse systems because of the system overhead, the danger of possible instability, and the time-intensive manual processes associated with those tools. Furthermore, when the data warehouse performs poorly or needs tuning, IT organizations often do not know where to start looking, whether at the database itself or at the network or storage tiers, for example. As IT teams seek to expand their data warehouse initiatives, they need scalable solutions that provide comprehensive visibility for the entire Big Data environment.

Real-Time Sybase IQ Monitoring and Performance Tuning

For IT Operations teams seeking to monitor and performance-tune Sybase IQ, the ExtraHop platform provides detailed performance metrics for every query hitting the data warehouse. The ExtraHop Sybase IQ Module analyzes transactions as they pass over the network and extracts query details, response times, and the size of responses.

To accelerate troubleshooting and tuning, IT Operations teams can correlate Sybase IQ performance with other tiers of the data warehouse environment, including the network, web, and storage tiers. This real-time information helps IT Operations teams greatly simplify the task of monitoring, troubleshooting, and tuning Sybase IQ performance. Best of all, the ExtraHop platform continuously analyzes transactions passively, without relying on invasive agents or other host-based instrumentation.

Ensure Fast Data Warehousing Performance

The ExtraHop Sybase IQ Module helps IT teams monitor and tune data warehouse performance in real time and quickly troubleshoot issues.

  • Monitor billions of Sybase IQ queries per second at up to a sustained 20Gbps
  • View query details, response times, and response sizes by client IP, database instance, method, table, and user
  • Observe emerging performance issues with automatic trend-based alerts
  • Detect intermittent problems and performance degradations that are missed by traditional monitoring approaches that use sampling
  • Correlate data warehouse performance with the performance of the network and storage infrastructure

Tune Data Warehouse Infrastructure Efficiency

The ExtraHop platform enables IT teams to tune and optimize the performance of the data warehouse environments, including the network and storage infrastructure.

  • Justify expenses in Big Data technologies by measuring performance improvements
  • Tune performance and remove bottlenecks to maximize utilization of existing capacity
  • Configure complex settings for storage and network devices
  • Plan capacity and right-size infrastructure by measuring performance for existing assets

Simplify Monitoring and Tuning for the Data Warehouse Environment

Unlike legacy database and infrastructure monitoring tools, the ExtraHop platform deploys in minutes, supports all operating systems and software development frameworks, and dynamically adjusts to changes in the environment.

  • Realize value almost immediately with a 15-minute deployment requiring only a port mirror or network tap
  • Enjoy plug-and-play deployment with no configuration, no host-based instrumentation to set up, and no separate hardware to provision
  • Monitor all data warehouse instances regardless of operating system
  • Automatically detect and adjust to changes in the application environment, including new devices and applications