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The Flexibility to Evolve

Innovation demands three core principles from a platform: It must be easy to program, open to integrations, and backed by a passionate community. You need the room to grow as well as the support of people just as interested in making life better, one idea at a time.

flexible and evolving
A community of support

Helping You Help Yourself

The ExtraHop platform is endlessly customizable—what additional metrics you need, where to stream your wire data analytics, how much of your workflow to automate—but we won't throw you to the wolves! The ExtraHop community is devoted to building new solutions in-house as well as working with you to realize your ideas.

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Easily Tailored Analytics

In addition to the 4,000+ metrics that ExtraHop collects out-of-the-box, define new ones with Application Inspection Triggers. This programmable interface is how the ExtraHop community responded to WannaCry within hours of the attack.

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No More Data Barriers

With Open Data Stream, you can send wire data metrics to solutions like Splunk and AppDynamics for free, automate incident response in ServiceNow, and even automate threat response actions such as quarantining ransomware-infected devices.

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Community of Innovation

When you build a new ExtraHop solution, package it up and share with the class. Our in-house engineers and your fellow analytical dreamers are here to spark new ideas, build on existing solutions, and help you with problems you never knew you could solve.

Featured Security Integrations

Automatically correlate analytics from ExtraHop with Phantom's security orchestration for real-time threat response.

Integrate CloudWatch and VPC NetFlow data into your ExtraHop wire data for complete visibility across your hybrid enterprise.

Use ExtraHop's real-time anomaly detection and auto-discovery to automate incident response and update your CMDB in real time.

Strengthen your Splunk security posture with ExtraHop's passive enterprise monitoring and real-time visibility.

It's like spending your whole life seeing only black and white. Until you see things in color, you don't know how good it can be.

Jole Sack
Director of IT

How Does Solution Sharing Work?

ExtraHop keeps a Solution Bundle Gallery. All you need to do is download an existing bundle such as Threat ID or AppDynamics Events, and then upload your own bundles so others can benefit. Update solutions, discuss new ideas in the ExtraHop forum, and connect with the ExtraHop team for internal support!

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