How it Works

The ExtraHop platform gives you valuable, real-time IT, security, and business insights by analyzing the communications traversing your network. ExtraHop is a fast, open, programmable, and extensible real-time streaming analytics platform that allows you to draw insights from all the data in motion within your IT environment. This has never been possible until now.

Stream Processing

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Real-time stream processing auto-discovers and classifies all user, device, and application behavior across the enterprise with complete application fluency, transforming raw network data into structured wire data for analysis and insight.

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Real Time Analytics - turning unstructured packets into structured wire data

Real-Time Analytics

ExtraHop receives a copy of network traffic from a tap or mirrored port, and then performs full-stream reassembly to extract structured wire data at up to 100 Gbps.

How Wire Data is Created

Machine Learning gives you an advantage

Machine Learning

Machine learning is only as good as the data you feed it. ExtraHop Addy applies cloud-powered machine learning to your richest dataset—wire data.

Meet ExtraHop Addy

Explore your Data

Data Exploration

Put your wire data to work with customizable dashboards and powerful multidimensional analysis. Zero coding required.

What You Can See with ExtraHop

Forensic investigation gives you power

Forensic Investigation

The high-speed, streaming data store indexes and stores wire data for immediate access to live metrics, transaction records, and packets for forensic evidence.

Responding with Wire Data

Integration and Automation

Integration & Automation

The ExtraHop platform is programmable, extensible, and open, so you can quickly build solutions that were previously impractical or impossible.

Adventures in ExtraHop Customization

Your Business, Your Data, Your ExtraHop

See ExtraHop in Action

Explore the interactive demo to see how quickly you can find insights that move your IT environment—and your business—forward.

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