Forensic Investigation

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Root Cause, Not Root Canal

You shouldn't need hours sniffing packets or sitting in a war room to track down the source of an issue in your environment. Every communication travels on the wire, and wire data doesn't lie—especially with machine learning-based anomaly detection and the ability to dig into encrypted traffic in real time.

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Forensic Root Cause
Packet Capture done right

Packet Capture, Reimagined

ExtraHop allows you to visually explore every digital interaction on the network and quickly get the precise packet details for any communication. Now you can fix performance problems and investigate threats with an anomaly-initiated workflow that gives you a streamlined, proactive edge over threats and other issues.

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Real-Time Correlation

Correlate wire data metrics with the underlying packets in real time: Quickly investigate events; trace threats to the source no matter how hard they try to cover their tracks; cut out the blame game with rapid, accurate insight into exactly what went wrong.

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Easy Investigations

You don't need to be an expert to find answers with ExtraHop. Anyone can quickly find the exact packet flows needed for root-cause analysis. Lose the information bottlenecks in favor of easy querying, rapid insight, and streamlined incident response.

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Answers in One Place

View all your device, application, and network behavior—including anomalous behavior—in an intuitive, dynamic interface. Stop killing time in front of a loading screen or waiting for another team to get you the data you need!

ExtraHop gets us the last mile in record time, surfacing issues and getting us to the specific packets tied to that problem in a matter of seconds.

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Site Reliability Engineer
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Trace the Source with ExtraHop

Root-cause analysis has never been faster. By correlating wire data metrics with the underlying packets in real time, ExtraHop drastically cuts troubleshooting time and effort. Ready for your brief?

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