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Know Your Enterprise

ExtraHop gives you a dynamic, interactive view of your entire enterprise so you can quickly answer questions about IT, security, and business operations no matter the scale of your organization.

Live activity maps of every transaction make it easy to click from a full-context view straight down into precise transactions at packet-level detail. Watch the video to see how it works!


Start Making Sense

Because all technology and business transacts on the network, the ability to visualize and explore every network communication grants you unprecedented control over your environment. Not only can you quickly visualize all traffic across your enterprise, you can map dependencies, identify performance issues, and root out threats across physical, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures in a matter of clicks.

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The Sky's the Limit

ExtraHop provides NoSQL search and query capabilities to the billions of IT, security, and business transactions taking place each day in your environment. However you scale, wire data stays simple.

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Accessible Insights

Live activity maps and a visual query language make it easy to explore every communication on your network without any scripting know-how. Anyone, from IT Ops to Security, can ask questions and get answers fast.

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Historical Trends

Your transaction, message, and flow records are indexed in a scalable cluster built on proven Elasticsearch technology. Easily add nodes as your data grows for historical lookback and insights into every transaction.

With ExtraHop, we can explore – down to the doctor and patient level – details like the number and type of prescriptions written, alert on potential drug interactions, and discover and monitor a host of medical devices into which we've previously had extremely limited visibility.

Wes Wright
Sutter Health

Explore Network Data with ExtraHop

You don't have to be an expert to search, query, and learn from your wire data. ExtraHop makes it easy to track what's happening in your environment in real time, and uncover historical trends with just a few clicks. Ready to dive in?

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