ExtraHop 7.0

Know the Shape of Your Enterprise

From live activity maps that allow you to dynamically explore all the communications in your environment, to anomaly-initiated workflows, to Perfect Forward Secrecy support in the enhanced Decryption Suite, ExtraHop 7.0 provides the total visibility, real-time incident response, and adaptive security you need to know everything and fear nothing.

Here's What's In

Security IconFor Security

Go from suspicious event to specific packet in three clicks or less, automate response workflows based on Addy anomalies, and schedule regular reports on policy compliance.

Network IconFor Network

Explore on-prem, cloud-hosted, or hybrid traffic flows in real time and avoid sacrificing visibility when implementing Perfect Forward Secrecy (required in TLS v1.3).

IT Ops IconFor IT Ops

Easily visualize communications and dependencies, and automate response workflows for Addy anomalies in applications and infrastructure.

What's Hot in 7.0

Live Activity Maps

Live Activity Maps

Graphically map out device and application communications for a dynamic, real-time view across your enterprise

Security Anomalies

Auto-detect network scans, data exfiltration, unusual file server access, etc. and automate response workflows in ServiceNow or other systems

Security Anomalies

Decryption Suite

Decryption Suite

Unlock encrypted traffic for performance and security monitoring with scalable SSL decryption, including support for Perfect Forward Secrecy

With ExtraHop 7.0, it's easier to get the visibility we need to understand the dependencies within our environment, share these insights in a routine manner, and be more proactive in addressing potential issues before they impact our users.

Mark Henderson
Site Reliability Engineer
Stack Overflow

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