Wire Data Analytics

In summary: Wire data is L2-L7 data spanning the entire application delivery chain. Through real-time full-stream processing, unstructured data is reassembled into structured wire data and mined for insights to strengthen IT ops, security, and business.

Extract and Transform - turning unstructured packets into structured wire data

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Wire data is the broadest and richest source of insight available to IT organizations, and the foundation for delivering control to IT. Because of this, leading industry analysts recommend prioritizing wire data when formulating a comprehensive IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) strategy.

5 Key Truths About Wire Data

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At ExtraHop, we were doing wire data before it was cool (or even a thing). Wire data has always been the core of what we do. These days the term "wire data" is used loosely among some vendors and is causing confusion. Here are a few things you should know when you're researching wire data:


Wire data is not the same thing as network data.

Nor is wire data analytics the same as network performance monitoring. When most people think of information off the wire, they think of packet capture tools used by network engineers. Some vendors use the "network data" and "wire data" interchangeably, but they're not even remotely the same thing.


Wire data has unmatched depth and breadth.

It gives you visibility across not only the entire application stack, but across the entire delivery chain as well.


Wire data is the only way to auto-discover and classify everything on the network.

Wire data shows everything that's generating data on your network, in real time. There's no other realistic way to keep tabs on your hyperdynamic environment.


Wire data is agentless.

Agents alter the same environment they're trying to monitor, which means certain data sets are skewed in the process. Only the passive observation of wire data is accurate and doesn't affect your environment.


Wire data is created via stream processing and full stream reassembly.

Only ExtraHop does stream analytics for wire data, rather than relying on post-hoc analysis after writing packets to disk. This write-to-disk requirement means the analysis is limited by disk speed and space and the ability of a person to sift through gigabytes worth of network data. Our platform reassembles all packets into full transactions, flows, and sessions in real time. The platform extracts over 3,400 metrics (in addition to custom-defined metrics) for on-the-spot analysis useful to everyone from IT to various business units.

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Wire Data is in Our DNA

ExtraHop Delivers Wire Data for the Real-Time Enterprise

Wire data is our DNA. In 2008, we launched with a stream analytics platform that takes full advantage of multicore processing. This means that with every generation of x86 server chips, we've reaped performance gains that are unmatched by other vendors, especially vendors who write to disk and are retrofitting legacy solutions in an attempt at wire data.

Here's why that architecture is so important.


ExtraHop delivers wire data for the real-time enterprise. The ExtraHop platform offers you real-time insight into your IT and business in a way that's never been possible until now. With so many possibilities, you do with this visibility is really up to you. Read more about how the ExtraHop platform works.