Agentless Deployment: Realize Immediate Value

With the ExtraHop platform, you never have to worry about managing agent deployment or configuring your monitoring. ExtraHop is built to quickly provide value to a variety of teams in your organization.

Deployment is simple: Connect the ExtraHop appliance to a port mirror or network tap and it will begin analyzing L2-L7 communications between servers. Within 10 minutes, you will have have visibility into critical aspects of your environment.

Insights for Each Role, Out-of-the-Box

Upon installation, the ExtraHop platform automatically populates role-based dashboards based on discovered activity in your environment. This enables your teams to start realizing value immediately.

Auto-populated, built-in Dashboard This built-in Web Dashboard is auto-populated based on discovered activity at the web tier. Check out the role-based dashboards.

Never Miss a Thing

The ExtraHop platform continuously learns about your IT environment and establishes baselines and normal activity patterns. As clients and servers begin communicating over the network, ExtraHop will automatically discover and classify them; you do not have to tell ExtraHop what to monitor.

Activity Groups Activity Groups display all clients and servers for web, database, storage, and more. See it in action.

Foresee and Prevent

Identify and fix issues before they affect users with intelligent alerts. In addition to threshold-based alerts, the ExtraHop platform includes trend-based alerts that automatically fire when behavior deviates from normal. You can create alerts for behaviors and events such as web and database errors, payload length, slow transactions, and expiring SSL certificates.

Color-coded web requests visual The screen above shows web requests color-coded to indicate error rates. Experiment with alerts in the demo.

Find Problems You Didn't Know About

Based on the experiences of hundreds of organizations, the trouble groups feature automatically identifies a range of issues such as servers using sub-standard cipher key sizes, server TCP connection throttling, exhausted SNAT pools, and more.

Trouble groups visual Trouble groups recognize and classify devices experiencing common issues. See more in the online demo.
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