Enhance Performance Visibility, Control for AWS Deployments

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With nearly every IT shop considering adoption of Amazon Web Services or expanding their cloud deployments, the visibility gap between private and public infrastructure is becoming more apparent.

This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) impact brief from Research VP Jim Frey describes how ExtraHop not only closes this gap, but adds cloud-specific visibility that enables IT teams to optimize performance and cost-efficiency for their AWS workloads.

"AWS is an increasingly mission-critical resource to IT shops large and small. Those shops should expect the same level of visibility and control over hosted services that they enjoy with their internal, private infrastructure. Further, most AWS use has been initiated specifically to save cost, and secondarily to improve flexibility or agility. This means a close eye must be kept on the way in which AWS services are being consumed, and all prudent and appropriate measures should be taken to avoid unnecessary cost wherever possible. The ExtraHop for AWS solution offers just such an opportunity."

The EMA report explains how ExtraHop's new AWS solution can help when migrating applications and managing their performance in the public cloud.

Read the report to learn how you can:

  • Correlate real-time wire data from across EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, and more
  • Ensure data privacy and integrity in the public cloud
  • Optimize the performance and cost-efficiency of AWS workloads
  • Add deep experience and error metrics that are essential to understand actual application performance in AWS
  • If your organization is using or considering using Amazon Web Services, you need to read this new EMA impact brief.