How to Get the Visibility You Need in AWS

According to David Linthicum of InfoWorld, by 2016, most new IT spending will be in the cloud. And the biggest challenge to cloud migration will be migrating apps. How are they performing now? How will they perform in the cloud? And how will you ensure their performance long-term?

That's why you need a solution that will help you baseline application performance, identify the best candidates for migration, size instances properly to ensure consistent end-user experience, and optimize their performance, availability and security in the cloud.

This webinar explains why you need a wire data analytics platform if you are—or are planning to—use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host your business-critical applications.

Chris Blessington, Senior Director of Marketing at ExtraHop
Dennis Callaghan, Senior Analyst at 451 Research

In this webinar, you'll learn the following:

  • Some of the key barriers to hybrid cloud adoption as identified by end-users.
  • Strategies for optimizing AWS database performance, including leveraging insights from wire data to identify the best database application to migrate to the cloud.
  • How to leverage a wire data analytics platform to intelligently set Elastic Load Balancing and Auto-Scaling policies and size instances properly to ensure consistent end-user experience.
  • How wire data supplements resource utilization data from AWS CloudWatch to ensure more-informed capacity planning and to understand the differences between various zones and regions.

Managing applications in the cloud requires the ability to automatically track baseline performance, identify the best workloads to migrate, and make decisions about sizing and where to run cloud workloads. This webinar from 451 Research explains how wire data analytics can provide the visibility needed in AWS.