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When it comes to resolving issues in your environment, it's a race against the clock. Each minute spent searching for the root cause of a problem or investigating an incident means more damage to the organization and time spent away from other tasks. By transforming raw packets into structured wire data in real time, ExtraHop delivers highly scalable IT and business insights.

IT and Security Analytics Your Way

ExtraHop provides a dynamic, real-time map of every communication on your network and places over 4,000 metrics at your fingertips. Easily create custom visualizations of your data for unprecedented contextual performance and threat insight across your entire enterprise!

Analytics Your Way

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Immediate Insights

Quickly share role-based dashboards with various teams, and take control of your data with live activity maps and a visual query language that allows you to mine any transaction on the wire—no data science degree needed!

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Plays Well with Others

Meet all your unique needs with an open architecture and support for 50+ protocols for web, middleware, database, storage, VDI, and nearly any TCP- or UDP-based system. If it communicates over the wire, ExtraHop has it covered.

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Built for Scale

Available in both physical and virtual form, ExtraHop can process up to a sustained 100 Gbps of traffic. Bring your own external storage to add up to 312 TB of packet storage at half the usual cost, and monitor your infrastructure wherever it lives!

When you run a lean team like we do, being able to do in 30 minutes what once took days is priceless. That's what ExtraHop delivers.

Mayur Rele
IT Manager for Infrastructure and Cloud

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ExtraHop transforms raw packets into structured wire data in real time, giving organizations unprecedented access to all the insights and threats hiding in their networks. How do we do it?

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