Do More with Less

Because the ExtraHop platform leads the industry in performance, you can do more with fewer appliances.

The ExtraHop platform excels in the most demanding enterprise environments, offering appliances with carrier-grade scalability as well as support for large distributed deployments—including those spanning on-premises and cloud environments. ExtraHop leads the industry in real-time transaction analysis, offering 10 times the performance and functionality of traditional alternatives at one-tenth of the cost.

Industry-Leading Performance

With ExtraHop, you can cover more of your environment with fewer appliances. A single ExtraHop appliance can deliver real-time, L2–L7 transaction analysis for a sustained 20Gbps of throughput, the equivalent of over 400,000 HTTP transactions per second.

Concur infographic and quote Concur analyzes 2 billion+ database queries each day with ExtraHop. Read the case study.

Encrypted Traffic? Not a Problem

Maintain visibility into encrypted traffic with the ExtraHop platform's bulk decryption capabilities, which can decrypt SSL-protected traffic at speeds up to a sustained 20Gbps. This is equivalent to an unprecedented 35,000 handshakes per second for 2048-bit RSA keys and 200,000 handshakes per second for 1024-bit RSA keys.

SSL Decryption graphic Hardware-accelerated decryption enables you to analyze encrypted traffic. View the online demo.

Store as Many Metrics as You Like

Attain virtually unlimited lookback with the ExtraHop platform's extended datastore. Discover usage trends over time and facilitate compliance/audit tasks by cost-effectively storing historical metrics on your existing NAS infrastructure.

Seamless Visibility in the Cloud

Gain a seamless view of your wire data spanning your on-premises and cloud environments. ExtraHop works in Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing visibility into EC2, RDS, S3, ELB, and Auto-Scaling. You can measure before-and-after performance when migrating applications to the cloud, and tune your workloads in AWS.

Transaction-level metrics ExtraHop provides critical transaction-level metrics in AWS. Check out the online demo.

A Single Pane of Glass

You can see across everything with ExtraHop. The ExtraHop Central Manager provides centralized management and reporting across multiple ExtraHop appliances distributed across datacenters, branch offices, and the public cloud. To date, the largest ExtraHop deployment extends to 160+ nodes and covers more than one million servers.

Cloud, branch, datacenter, Internet graphic ExtraHop supports large distributed deployments. Learn more in the online demo.
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