Openness & Extensibility

As IT organizations look to build out their IT operations analytics frameworks, it's important that they invest in platforms and not disjointed tools. The ExtraHop solution is a true platform, enabling your organization to extract more value from your wire data. You can rapidly program the ExtraHop platform, easily extend it to meet new requirements, benefit from community-driven innovations, and integrate it with other best-of-breed monitoring and analytics tools.

Set Your Data Free

Stream valuable wire data from ExtraHop into proprietary datastores such as Splunk and non-proprietary datastores including MongoDB and Elasticsearch. Perform multidimensional analysis on ExtraHop data and correlate your wire with other data sets. Read about Open Data Stream.

Open Data Stream visual Data Stream lets you send wire data from ExtraHop to third-party datastores. Check out the online demo.

Rapid Programmability

Program the ExtraHop platform's real-time stream processor through Application Inspection Triggers, quickly defining new custom metrics that are specific to your business and applications. With this capability, you can respond more rapidly to new requirements.

Identify exploit attemps with triggers to exploit the Shellshock bug over HTTP can be identified with triggers. See it in action.

Stay in Control

With universal payload analysis capabilities, analyze TCP-based and UDP-based protocols that are not supported out-of-the-box, including custom protocols unique to your organization. You will never have to wait for a vendor to add support for a technology critical to your business.

Universal payload analysis DHCP protocol analysis is enabled through universal payload analysis. Try it for yourself.

Community-Driven Innovation

Bundles enable you to extend the ExtraHop platform to meet specific requirements. Download bundles from the ExtraHop community forum for a wide range of use cases including SharePoint transaction tracing, Heartbleed detection, and cloud app monitoring. Contribute to the community by creating and sharing your own bundles.

SharePoint bundle visual SharePoint bundle reveals important cross-tier metrics for SharePoint. Experiment in the online demo.

Freely Integrate

Utilize powerful APIs to stream real-time data to and from the ExtraHop platform to IT management consoles, SIEM products, or other third-party applications such as Keynote, Log Insight, SevOne, and Splunk. It's your data; you should be able to do what you need with it.

Web transaction data in Log Insight visual screen shows web transaction data from ExtraHop in VMware Log Insight. Try out the online demo.
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