Explore, Visualize, and Analyze Wire Data

Wire data is a rich and voluminous source of intelligence, making the ability to easily explore and extract relevant insights critical. Whether it's responding to a security event, tracking real-time business activity, or troubleshooting an application issue, you need fast and easy access to the right data.

The ExtraHop user interface empowers users to explore, analyze, and visualize your wire data. Various elements facilitate this exploration, including built-in dashboards that summarize all the activity within a user's environment, the ability to easily create and share custom dashboards, and search and charting capabilities that enable on-the-fly analysis.

Cross-Tier Visibility

Built-in dashboards summarize activity across all tiers of your environment, including web, database, storage, network, and more.

Activity DashboardThe built-in Activity Dashboard summarizes the auto-discovered activity in your environment. See it in action.

Baselines at Your Fingertips

Discover trends and baselines by comparing current activity for an application or group of servers to activity from yesterday, one week ago, or over any other time interval you choose.

Widget viewThe widgets above show transactions and most active clients and servers for the last day compared with one week prior. Try the online demo.

Immediate Value for All Teams

Out of the box, enjoy example role-based dashboards that automatically summarize activity for web, database, storage, and other tiers. These role-based views make the value of the ExtraHop platform immediate for multiple teams.

Database Dashboard This built-in Database Dashboard provides critical insights into the database health and performance. Check out the online demo.

Limited Only by Imagination

Create, copy, or modify custom dashboards easily. A variety of drag-and-drop dashboard elements mean that you can add powerful insights in just minutes.

Drag and drop visual You can copy existing widgets to your new dashboard or create your own. Easily resize and reposition elements as needed. Experiment with dashboards now.

Endless Visualization Options

Explore and graph of multiple metrics by source (device, group, or application) in new charts, using a range of trending and visualization options, and then add them to your dashboards.

Widget creation Creating a new widget is as easy as 1-2-3. Just add your data source, metrics, and visualization type, and then save it to your dashboard. Try it for yourself.

Search and Manage

Search a catalog of 2,500+ built-in and user-defined metrics. Create composite metrics on the fly by defining data sources, metric types, relationships to other metrics, and adding descriptions.

Metric Catalog The Metric Catalog puts your wire data metrics in your control with a range of search and configuration options.

Protocol Activity, Mapped

Map any metric analyzed with an associated IP address on dynamically updated world and regional maps. These geomaps display real-time alerts for particular locations using color codes and animations to indicate the severity level.

Geomap Geomaps enable you to map activity for specific protocols, including IP addresses associated with alerts and top users. See it for yourself.

Helpful Explanations

Turn on descriptive hovertext to better understand individual metrics and what they mean for your IT environment or business.

Descriptive hovertext visual You can easily learn what metrics mean by turning on descriptive hovertext.
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