Business Value and ROI

The ExtraHop platform unlocks a multitude of savings and revenue opportunities from avoidance of SLA penalties to ensuring the fast rollout of critical revenue-generating applications. That's why 55% of ExtraHop customers surveyed by TechValidate reported full return on investment within 12 months.

Discover Revenue Opportunities

Are you leaving money on the table? ExtraHop enables you to ask and answer previously unanswerable questions.

A major online advertising platform uses ExtraHop to identify customers who have exhausted their prepaid keyword accounts. By proactively identifying which large clients needed to replenish their account balances, the online advertising platform is able to collect revenue that would otherwise be lost.

Ensure Application Rollouts

ExtraHop helps to ensure the performance of revenue-driving applications, especially during rollout.

One major U.S. retailer estimated it would recapture $850,000 during the holiday season by rolling out a mobile point-of-sale application. Store managers refused to use the application due to poor performance until the retailer deployed ExtraHop to solve the issue in time for the holidays. Read about the mobile point-of-sale rollout.

Solve Problems Faster

ExtraHop provides IT organizations with the correlated, cross-tier visibility that they need to solve problems fast.

A large U.S.-based online brokerage uses ExtraHop to solve problems fast during trading hours. "We give ourselves just five minutes to triage an issue before alerting the entire IT Operations team," says the Director of IT. "Before ExtraHop, this was a tremendous challenge, but now we reliably identify the path to remediation within minutes." Read the case study.

Do More with Less

Because it provides IT teams with deep insights into all applications and infrastructure, the ExtraHop platform acts as a "force multiplier."

While building out its rapidly growing hosting business, McKesson saved $260,000 in staffing costs in the first year of using ExtraHop. They were able to rely on IT operations staff with more generalist skills who can use ExtraHop to solve problems that in the past would have required many specialists. Read the case study.

Reduce IT Costs

With ExtraHop, your IT teams can make better capacity planning, application migration, and system decommissioning decisions.

Practice Fusion, a provider of online EHR applications, used ExtraHop to compare the performance of a critical application workload physical and virtual infrastructure. By migrating to the virtual infrastructure, Practice Fusion avoided $75,000 in costs to purchase new servers and revalidate the software. Read the case study.

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