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Overwatch Managed Network Detection and Response (NDR), offered by High Wire Networks, provides ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360, the industry-leading network detection and response, as a managed service. The Overwatch Managed NDR provides a team of US-based cybersecurity experts who now use the power of Reveal(x) 360 to eliminate blindspots, detect lateral movement, and respond to advanced threats other tools and in-house analysts can miss. As a result, Overwatch Managed NDR is able to stop breaches 84% faster, provide agentless visibility, packet-level granularity, and security at scale.


Software supply chain attacks. Zero day exploits. Ransomware. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Cyber threats grow more sophisticated every day as cybercriminals devise new and innovative methods to gain access to systems and data. For many public and private sector organizations, the challenge of combating these increasingly advanced cyberthreats is compounded by limited resources and a lack of in-house security expertise.


Overwatch Managed NDR powered by ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 is an economical and easy path to achieve complete visibility, advanced threat detection and intelligent response. Overwatch combines a team of proven security experts operating within a modern security operations center (SOC) with a curated technology stack featuring industry-leading, cloud-native network detection and response from Reveal(x) 360. The result is a scalable, turnkey security solution available at a fraction of the cost, time and resources needed to build out an in-house enterprise SOC.

No learning curves

No technology implementations

No SOC build out

No skill gaps

No new hires

Immediate threat protection built for a post-compromise world

Predictable operating expense

24/7 monitoring and incident response

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