Constant Distractions Slow Internet Connections Ransomware Bad Passwords Tool Sprawl LLMNR Old-School Tech Manual Inventory Negativity Unmanaged Honeypots Bad Actors Disabled Agents Testing in Production Deleted Logs Alert Cannons Overflowing Email Inboxes Query Time Email Overload APTs Procrastination The Best Guess The Haystack Sprawl Minimum-Viable Solutions Herd Mentality Backlog Opacity Nation-State Threats Blue Screen of Death Competitive FUD Apathy The Fray Incomplete Data Sources Complexity Misconfigurations Throughput Limits Rogues Fear Blind Spots AI Hype Insider Threats Vulnerability Exploits Configuration Fails War Rooms Malware Budget Constraints Malicious Encryption Inferior Data Common Knowledge Attack Absence of Data Shared Responsibility Threat Landscape Silos Screen Overload Finger Pointing IT Sprawl Anxiety The Unknown Misperception Time Zones Log Spelunking Distractions "We Assume" Regulatory Fines Packet Dump Red Team Shadow IT Open S3 Buckets Migration Stall DevOps Legitimacy Concerns Long Dwell Time Attack Surface Skill Shortage Data Deluge Confusion Ineffective Training Tools Zero Days Vendor Lock-In Traffic Late Night Calls Competition Another Revision Alert Cannons Laziness Privilege Escalation Incomplete Logs False Promises Open S3 Buckets Misconfigurations DevOps Legitimacy Concerns The Best Guess Bad Passwords Common Knowledge Attack War Rooms Competition Query Time Malicious Encryption Silos Misperception Long Dwell Time Skill Shortage Late Night Calls Rogues Confusion Privilege Escalation Ransomware False Promises Blind Spots Distractions Finger Pointing APTs Manual Inventory Zero Days Laziness Anxiety The Unknown Ineffective Training Tools Shadow IT Alert Cannons Nation-State Threats Vulnerability Exploits Procrastination Absence of Data The Haystack Screen Overload Throughput Limits Bad Actors Constant Distractions Overflowing Email Inboxes Budget Constraints Migration Stall Apathy Vendor Lock-In Competitive FUD Log Spelunking Tool Sprawl Another Revision Data Deluge Regulatory Fines Sprawl Attack Surface Time Zones Incomplete Data Sources Minimum-Viable Solutions Testing in Production Blue Screen of Death Unmanaged Honeypots Insider Threats The Fray Backlog IT Sprawl Opacity Email Overload Slow Internet Connections AI Hype Red Team Threat Landscape Traffic LLMNR Disabled Agents Configuration Fails Herd Mentality Fear Deleted Logs Inferior Data Shared Responsibility Old-School Tech Packet Dump Malware Alert Cannons Incomplete Logs Complexity "We Assume" Negativity

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