IT Operations Analytics for Retail

Adopt a data-driven approach to IT Operations so you can deliver superior experiences.

If the line at a retail store is too long, a customer will put down their chosen items and walk away. The same thing happens online, and you can't afford to make people wait for their shopping cart transactions to go through.

With ExtraHop, you can drive continuous optimization and ensure high availability by always being able to find answers to the questions that are critical to your business. Whether digging into SQL read/write performance, RF-scanning applications, IBM MQ commit-to-rollback ratios, or web service API availability, savvy IT teams are using ExtraHop to deliver fast and resilient retail applications.

  • Proactively monitor performance of online, mobile, and fixed PoS applications and infrastructure with automatic trend- and threshold-based alerts across all tiers.
  • Understand how applications make use of shared resources such as databases, storage, and the network.
  • Establish baseline performance to measure improvements and facilitate physical-to-virtual (P2V) migrations and other infrastructure changes.
  • Easily monitor large distributed environments that span hundreds of store locations.
  • Support PCI compliance by tracking service-account password rotation without storing sensitive material to disk.

Use Cases

  • Application Transaction Tracing Across All Tiers

    Outages for an online retailer were costly and troubleshooting was slow. By using ExtraHop to map service-chain deliveries and monitor each user's transaction across all tiers, they prevented an estimated seven outages in the first six months of using the platform, protecting at least $525,000 in revenue and hundreds of personnel hours.
  • Auto-Discovery & Dependency Mapping

    During a datacenter consolidation, an online retailer used the ExtraHop platform's automatic application discovery capability to quickly and easily create an inventory of all of their servers. They identified and decommissioned unused servers without affecting customer access, saved the company $100,000, and completed their consolidation two months ahead of schedule.
  • Automated Detection of Heartbleed Vulnerabilities and Attempts

    The day of the Heartbleed announcement, a network and security ops team deployed the ExtraHop Heartbleed bundle for TLS Heartbeat Tracking, Dashboards, Client Identification and Geomaps. They watched malicious attempts to compromise their servers in real time, and immediately set blocking policies for those clients while they patched their vulnerable systems.
  • Cloud Application Discovery and Usage Monitoring

    A medical device manufacturer discovered and monitored all on-premises and cloud-based applications, and started seeing time comparisons and usage details on a list of unsanctioned applications. They estimated saving over 200 personnel hours and $20,000 per year in SaaS application license counts and subscription fees.
  • Correlating Revenue with Payment Transactions

    A financial company used ExtraHop application inspection triggers to show all unique orders and total revenue by merchant, as well as the transaction times with SLA thresholds so they could identify real-time purchasing trends. It gave them insight they needed to justify budget for architecture improvements.
  • Cross-Tier Visibility for DBAs

    A company generating 10 terabytes of SQL queries each day had very little visibility into how the databases affected overall application performance. With ExtraHop, the DBAs were able to analyze performance across tiers, pinpoint the bottleneck, and monitor all tiers going forward to ensure they're meeting their SLAs.
  • Detecting Data Exfiltration

    A large government agency needed a way to identify the source of a data leak and detect any future data exfiltration. The security team used the ExtraHop platform to identify a specific machine with abnormal DNS activity as the source of the leak, and they now use ExtraHop as an integral part of their security monitoring and analytics.
  • Load Balancer Optimization

    An IT organization used ExtraHop to resolve conflicts between load balancers and application servers by correlating all user, network, and application activity with advanced load balancing. The productivity gains, improved uptime, and optimizations saved $250,000 per year. A 50% performance improvement prevented $200,000 in CDN costs while accelerating application time-to-market by 30%.
  • Next-Generation Database Profiling

    An insurance company used ExtraHop to pinpoint a misplaced query method that was introducing latency. They gained total visibility across their pre-existing Microsoft SQL, Oracle, DB2 and Informix databases and are now saving a minimum of $350,000 per year in personnel time.
  • Next­-Gen Network Performance Monitoring

    A multi-billion dollar financial services company used ExtraHop SSL Decryption, Precision Packet Capture, Alerts, and Dashboards to conduct real-time analysis on performance metrics across their network, cutting provisioning costs and sharing analytics with the team without compromising data security.
  • Order to Fulfillment Transaction Analysis

    A large manufacturing company was unable to pinpoint warehouse order processing problems for a custom application and protocol. With ExtraHop, they were able to track orders from placement to fulfillment and determine when, where and why delays were occurring, reducing rushed freight costs by 50% and overall fulfillment time by 20%.
  • Real User Monitoring for Applications

    The team used the real-time visibility of the ExtraHop Discover appliance to determine that some users were experiencing long load times, then used the ExtraHop Explore appliance to isolate the conditions, find the cause, and remediate the slowdowns.
  • Real-User Monitoring

    ExtraHop created end-to-end workflow tracking and reporting for a technology services company, making it easy for their IT team to see what contributes to user-perceived load times and perform real-time analysis of how users are experiencing their site.
  • SMPP Latency & Error Monitoring

    SMS is a large revenue driver for network operators, SMS aggregators, and businesses worldwide. SMS short codes are used by many businesses in their marketing campaigns to engage customers through methods such as voting campaigns, subscription requests, information requests, and more.
  • Security / Encryption Auditing

    A large enterprise with both incoming and outgoing SSL traffic used ExtraHop to view the entire set of SSL behaviors on their network, so they could see how certificates were being used, plan SSL hardware purchases, and remove unused certificates.
  • Slow Storage Backups

    A rapidly growing manufacturer used ExtraHop's correlated storage and network analysis and client performance measurements to find out why new storage backup jobs were taking longer than previous jobs. They saved $250,000 that was unnecessarily earmarked for storage platform growth and network upgrades.
  • Small Cell Deployment Monitoring

    SMS is a large revenue driver for network operators, SMS aggregators, and businesses worldwide. SMS short codes are used by many businesses in their marketing campaigns to engage customers through methods such as voting campaigns, subscription requests, information requests, and more.
  • TLS/SSL Monitoring

    A large web hosting company used ExtraHop to continuously monitor SSL traffic between the load balancer and the backend servers, and fire off alerts if any traffic was not properly re-encrypted.
  • Troubleshooting RFID

    A large ecommerce retailer used ExtraHop to pinpoint and fix the root cause of RFID scan-time delays in a large warehouse without having to resort to packet capture and offline analysis. Operations returned to normal and the retailer was able to once again comply with the SLAs.
  • Understanding API Performance Impact

    An online travel company chose ExtraHop to help them classify and track dependencies for all APIs to see whether they and their partners were meeting their SLAs. They estimated over $200,000 savings in the first month alone in proactive early warnings of API performance impacts.
  • Web Application Performance Analysis

    A gaming company deployed ExtraHop in order to gain a real‐time view of all transactions on a per‐user, per‐game, and per‐server basis. They were able to use these insights to plan capacity, quickly troubleshoot outages and correlate their online marketing efforts with game popularity.