Use Cases by Initiative

We're here to help you succeed (and have the data to prove it).

IT-driven business initiatives succeed or fail based on your ability to understand what's happening in your network. ExtraHop gives you the network visibility to analyze all application communication in real-time. Check out these examples showing how ExtraHop helped organizations succeed with their IT and IT-driven business initiatives.


Tap into your wire data in real-time to gain new insights and make better decisions with operational analytics.

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Application Rationalization

See how applications are being used and establish performance baselines.

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Business Optimization

Understand how people interact with applications and identify bottlenecks in process flows.

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Datacenter Consolidation

Verify application performance before, during, and after consolidation or migration.

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When every millisecond counts, get needed details to troubleshoot and tune performance.

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SaaS Provider Visibility

Monitor response time to verify that your SaaS providers are meeting their SLAs.

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