IT Operations Analytics for the Cloud

Gain real-time visibility of your cloud applications with the award-winning ExtraHop for AWS solution.

Many enterprises have migrated their business-critical applications to the cloud, but have lost the same level of visibility they enjoyed when running those applications on-premises. While there are many cloud monitoring services that provide visibility into resource utilization, such as CPU and memory, these metrics do not answer questions regarding user experience, failed transactions, security, or application behavior.

With ExtraHop, visibility in the cloud is no longer a pipe dream. Just as they do on-premises, your applications running in the cloud communicate use standard wire protocols. ExtraHop enables you to mine those communications to extract, analyze, and visualize critical events and metrics that are essential for operations, application development, and security teams.

Wire Data Analytics for the Cloud

Your wire data in the cloud represents an incredible source of IT and business insights. With the ExtraHop platform, you can:

  • Troubleshoot performance issues faster
  • Identify and fix issues before they trigger auto-scaling events
  • Monitor real-time user behavior across different geographic regions
  • Create custom dashboards to track KPIs and customer behavior
  • Understand the impact of application code changes
  • Measure the latency of upstream applications
  • Detect potential data breaches and DDoS attacks

Use Cases

  • Cloud Application Discovery and Usage Monitoring

    A medical device manufacturer discovered and monitored all on-premises and cloud-based applications, and started seeing time comparisons and usage details on a list of unsanctioned applications. They estimated saving over 200 personnel hours and $20,000 per year in SaaS application license counts and subscription fees.
  • Understanding API Performance Impact

    An online travel company chose ExtraHop to help them classify and track dependencies for all APIs to see whether they and their partners were meeting their SLAs. They estimated over $200,000 savings in the first month alone in proactive early warnings of API performance impacts.
  • Virtualized Application Performance Visibility

    A large tech company needed to pinpoint the source of slowdowns following a physical-to-virtual migration. The insights they gained through passively monitoring all data in motion between the clients, application, network and infrastructure components helped them improve virtualized application performance, making it even better than before migration.