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Bundles are a collection of system objects that are formatted as a JSON file. After you customize an ExtraHop appliance, you can save and upload your customizations to another ExtraHop appliance. Or, you can apply a bundle that you downloaded from the 92 bundles available here in the Solution Bundles Gallery to your ExtraHop appliance.

Bundle system objects include dashboards, triggers, alerts, pages, flex grids, dynamic groups, geomaps, applications, record formats, and record queries.

Featured ExtraHop Bundles

Bundle Categories

Application Management

Track application performance and user experience across your environment.

Cloud and Virtualization

Maintain visibility into software-defined environments virtual desktops, and cloud application usage.

IT Ops

Maintain control and visibility across your IT environment.

User Monitoring

Monitor user experience and resource utilization to optimize performance.

Network Monitoring

Pinpoint bottlenecks with ease and assure performance across your network.

Security and Compliance

Detect ransomware, audit certs and encryption suites, and monitor resource access.

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