Technology Partner: Sumo Logic

Combine best-in-class analytics solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain.

With the ExtraHop-Sumo Logic technology partnership, IT teams can send precise, policy-driven events and metrics from ExtraHop to Sumo Logic in real-time for multidimensional analysis and correlation with other machine data sources. By coupling wire data from ExtraHop with Sumo Logic's insight into the IT infrastructure, IT teams have the visibility they need to investigate and remediate issues affecting performance, availability, and security.

With ExtraHop and Sumo Logic, enterprise IT teams can:

  • Easily determine the slowest stored procedures for applications
  • Identify misconfigured DNS servers that are returning errors
  • Surface potential security threats by cross-referencing wire data and enterprise application data
  • Pinpoint Citrix XenApp servers responsible for slow application launch times along with the users affected and the cause
  • Detect anomalies through Sumo Logic and then explore contextual communications in ExtraHop
  • Simplify IT operations across the board with best-in-class analytics solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain
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