Technology Partner: jSonar

Analyze and mine your wire data using JSON Studio by jSonar.

Explore your wire data with ExtraHop, JSON Studio, and MongoDB. With ExtraHop's Open Data Stream technology, you can transform wire data streams into JSON data in MongoDB. Once in MongoDB, this data is accessed, analyzed, and mined using JSON Studio, the leading JSON analytics platform for MongoDB. Users can "slice and dice" wire data, query wire data using any number of dimensions and conditions, search for patterns, run complex analytics, visualize data, and even use statistical routines and machine learning algorithms from environments such as "R." Using JSON Studio's advanced visualization capabilities, you can discover issues both through analysis as well as through visual discovery so that system and network administrators can troubleshoot problems or ensure correct operations quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about how IT organizations can use JSON Studio and MongoDB for IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), download the Designing and Building and Open ITOA Architecture white paper.

About jSonar

jSonar is the leader in analytics applications and tools for MongoDB. JSON Studio, jSonar's award winning flagship product, enables easy access to JSON data and analytics and optimizes the success of modern applications. JSON Studio supports the entire MongoDB lifecycle—from development through QA and to production access to data for a variety of users and analysts. JSON Studio allows users, for the first time, to query, analyze, visualize, profile, and federate data—all from one platform.

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