Technology Partner: Ixia

Simplify your data center monitoring strategy.

Simplify your data center monitoring strategy. The ExtraHop platform works with the Ixia Net Tool Optimizer, helping IT teams overcome problems associated with shortages of SPAN ports or network taps. The Ixia Net Tool Optimizer empowers data center and security teams to dynamically direct traffic to various monitoring solutions based on changes in the network. Enterprise datacenters frequently use a heterogeneous mix of monitoring tools that each requires a dedicated network stream through a port mirror or network tap. Unfortunately, dedicated network streams are frequently not possible, forcing IT engineers to switch network access from one monitoring tool to the other. This dangerous trade-off can lead to gaps in network monitoring visibility and risks to security coverage that compromises the stability and performance of the network. The Ixia Net Tool Optimizer resides in between port mirrors or network taps and monitoring solutions to aggregate, filter, and replicate traffic to its respective destination. This system allows engineers to connect monitoring systems to multiple points on the network simultaneously, ensuring that the right traffic is delivered to the right systems for complete network visibility. Find out more about Ixia's application performance monitoring offerings.

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