Technology Partner: Gigamon

Control the delivery of network traffic to your monitoring systems.

Control the delivery of network traffic to your monitoring systems. The ExtraHop platform works with GigaVUE from Gigamon to solve problems associated with a lack of SPAN ports or network taps. GigaVUE enables IT teams to aggregate, filter, and replicate customized data streams from network connections to passive monitoring and security tools. Equipped with GigaVUE, IT teams can:

  • Eliminate SPAN port contention
  • Enable multiple 1Gbps-interface tools to access 20Gbps network connections
  • Centralize management of monitoring and security tools
  • Distribute data by flow using a load-sharing algorithm
  • Gain complete visibility of all traffic, even with asymmetrically routed data
  • Simplify configuration management, data access security, and change-order approval
  • Improve VoIP analysis with GPS clock reference

Founded in 2003 by six veterans of network monitoring and telecommunications equipment companies, Gigamon is the first and leading provider of data-access switches. The company's flagship product, GigaVUE, can multicast packets from one port mirror or network tap to many tools to solve the SPAN port-sharing problem. It also can aggregate and intelligently filter packets to solve the problem of monitoring flows across complex mesh topologies and virtual networks. GigaVUE facilitates unobtrusive parallel tool deployment with network-wide coverage, significantly reducing customers' capital budgets and yielding immediate return-on-investment. For more information about Gigamon and their award-winning solutions, visit

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