Technology Partner: Firemon

Combine real-time events from ExtraHop with historical data sets.

Create a data action framework for better decisions by combining real-time events from ExtraHop with historical data sets in Firemon (formerly Immediate Insight). Benefits of the joint solution include:

  • Real-time insight against historical data sets
  • Enable previously impossible real-time queries
  • Open, flexible architecture

Make Better Decisions in Real Time

What if you could immediately compare real-time event data with historical data sets? What could your organization do with that information?

Take healthcare providers, for example. New federal regulations mean that hospitals can be penalized for readmitting patients for the same problem within 30 days. By comparing real-time metrics pulled off the wire (admissions, discharges, lab results, patient health statistics, previous treatments, etc.) with historical data sets, healthcare organizations can adjust their processes to improve patient outcomes and minimize readmission penalties. This is what ExtraHop and Firemon can do!

ExtraHop's wire data analytics platform provides the foundation for deep analytics of all application communications, in real-time, with no impact to the environment. By streaming wire data to Firemon through ExtraHop's Open Data Stream, you can combine these real-time insights with disparate data sets to answer time-sensitive questions with an historical perspective. This innovative approach creates a data action framework, a correlated, cross-tier view, delivering a data-rich information stream used to make better decisions.

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